Friday, 14 April 2017

Tennis Ball Recycling

Below is a photo of the condition of tennis balls that we do not take, ( i.e. weather damaged / very discoloured, Etc ) please do not put any balls in this condition into the sacks.

Recycle Your Used Tennis Balls For £ £ £ £'s

We Buy Your Used Tennis Balls For 25p Per Ball
 (you post them to us yourself )
We Buy Your Used Tennis Balls In Batches 250 For £50.00 (20p per ball)
 (we pay all shipping costs)

There are 3 options for sending us your used tennis balls :

1. We Pay 25p Per Ball - You can send in any number of balls. You pay your own postage and use your own packaging ( most people use a cardboard box from the local shop / supermarket ) Please do not request one of our sacks to be sent out to you for this option, or, if you do wish to use one of our sacks, then we will send one out for you, provided you cover the £2.95 postage.

2. We Pay 20p Per Ball – You send in 250 balls in one of our reusable sacks. We pay £50.00 (20p per ball) and cover all shipping costs.

3. We Pay 25p Per Ball - You send in a least 4 of our reusable courier sacks, 250 balls per sack, on a single DHL collection. We pay £250.00 (25p per ball) and cover all shipping costs.

So long as the balls are not weather damaged, or are very discoloured, or have damaged / frayed nap, or have been worn down to practically threadbare, then we can take them. (Please see our website where we have example photos of the type of condition of balls that we can not take).
Several people have asked for clarification on the above... What we mean is : for instance, balls have been knocked over the fence, into the bushes, onto a roof, Etc, then left out in all weathers, will be weather damaged / will have become discoloured… if any of the balls are in this condition, please don't put those balls into the sack.
Also, we can not take any balls that have been used on clay / shale courts. (Balls used on the artificial clay surfaces are fine) We can not take any of the low pressure mini / junior balls (either coloured or green / yellow).

If you are not sending the balls yourself, then have found the most convenient process is ……..
When you have 250 or more balls available, simply let us know and we will send you out a reusable courier sacks(s).

Once you let us know that the sack has been packed, we will arrange for the courier to call and collect, and will make a bank transfer for you one the balls have been received and sorted.
Recycaball is a not for profit company ( registration No 10578934 ) , has been running since 2011 and is now recycling with over 1,400 clubs and coaches throughout in the UK.

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Once tennis balls have lost their pressure, they are no longer suitable for tennis and are usually just thrown away, typically ending up in landfill sites. Since 2011 we have been offering a much better solution, as we recycle these used tennis balls, giving them a new lease of life...

We have various stages of recycling. The majority of our business consists of the repressurisation of tennis balls that have had little use, and for balls that are not suitable for repressurisation, we recycle in several different ways.

We are particularly proud of our charity based recycling. This involves the cleaning & packaging up of balls to donate to various charities, including Save The Children,  NSPCC, Barnardo's, Under Privileged Nurseries / Schools, Children's Homes, Etc. We also donate balls for police dogs, armed forces dogs, animal rescue centers & dog shelters & the RSPCA ... because our 4 legged friends like to have great fun too...

We also make regular cash donations to the following charities :
Make A Wish, Cancer Research  UK, The British Heart Foundation,  The Alzheimer's  Society, The National Autistic Society, The Firefighters  Charity,  The Parkinson's Disease Society, Macmillan  Cancer  Support,  CALM, Blue Elephant, Help For Heroes, The Stroke Association, ASYTST, NLAAS, The Tennis Foundation,
Tennis First, & Tennis For Free.

Recycaball - Proud  to be helping tennis become a greener and more
 eco-friendly sport, by giving used tennis balls a new lease of life !

Recycaball Ltd Is A Not For Profit Company.  Registration Number  10578934


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